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I just realized it’s been almost a year since I posted anything here. It’s definitely not because of lack of things happening, possibly more a lack of words to find their way, but now there’s something I want to share. Words. In-depth writing. Not of my pen but by Scottish anthropologist and writer William A. Young – www.feralwords.com

The reason being, I’m working on a wonderful enchanting project with William about the old bards of the North and the celtic myths and legends of their time, following invisible footprints through various landscapes; the latest a breathtaking hike through the winter landscape of Argyll. William is an anthropologist and writer and I’m the photographer. I’m doing my utmost to capture not only the scenery but also the feel of the places, the space between times enveloped in myths and legends through which we wander. Because we are working on articles for magazines which mostly prefer unpublished work (and hopefully we’ll one day end up with a book) my photographs will not be publicized here or on my photography website www.htfisker.com, as of yet, therefore the photographs you’ll see on William’s blog-post Im sharing here, are all his.

All I can say is, there were moments when a crystal clear clarity entered my being from the strong winter landscapes, the wild of the still and the presence of something beyond the reach of mind, which created the sensation that the apparent separation between the inner and outer wold evaporated.

Please have a dive into our journey, the Celtic winter Goddess and the tranquil penetrating still of mountain air and let Williams words transport you another place of feral worlds.

The Last Temple of the Celts